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BABOR MEN Travel Set

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34.90  / 1pcs € 34,900.00

BABOR MEN Instant Energy Ampoules

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32.90  / 14ml € 2,350.00 / L

BABOR MEN Energizing Face & Eye Gel

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54.90  / 50ml € 1,098.00 / L

BABOR MEN Calming After Shave Serum

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44.90  / 50ml € 898.00 / L

The ideal men’s care product for vital, powerful and resistant skin.
What makes our men’s skincare line so special? Our TAUREC complex performance upgrade. The new active ingredient concept, with its clean formulations and precise textures, addresses the special needs of men’s skin even more precisely: Vitalizing, strengthening & boosting resistance. In order to bring men’s skin into top form, we have created the CALMING and ENERGIZING lines. CALMING, to soothe sensitive and irritated male skin after shaving. ENERGIZING, to supply the skin with sufficient moisture for a healthy appearance. BABOR MEN offers everything a demanding man needs: uncomplicated, highly effective care products for maximum energy and perfection.