This customized facial will directly address all of skin’s current needs: dry or oily, sensitive or tired; every skin type or condition will be addressed by your therapist. An innovative and power-packed treatment that will protect your skin from premature aging while targeting the treatment to your exact skin type.

Synergistically formulated with advanced age prevention ingredients, including highly active concentrates applied with specific massages. This advanced treatment is designed to stimulate the anti-aging mechanism to prevent visible signs of aging. The skin is left refreshed, radiant and younger-looking.

This customized facial will directly address all of skin’s current needs: dry or oily, sensitive or tired; every skin type or condition will be addressed by your therapist. An innovative and power-packed treatment that will protect your skin from premature aging while targeting the treatment to your exact skin type.
Special treatment to achieve perfect complexion with BABOR Perfect Glow beauty ampoule. Very effective facial peeling and refreshing mask in combination with the Perfect Glow beauty ampoule help to attain perfect complextion.
Specific and focused on specific skin challenges, these prescription therapies are just what the doctor ordered. All customized to individual skin concerns to correct and remedy the following issues:
– Couperose
– Extremely sensitive or dry skin
– Acne

For deeply moisturised and beautiful glowing facial skin! Extra pure and environment friendly, vegan and up to 98% natural Cleanformance facial treatment provides the skin essential moisturisation, and produces a beautiful glow.
Pre- and pro-biotics help to strengthen the skin’s protective barrier and stimulate the skin’s natural regeneration process; hyaluronic acid and aloe vera moisturise and soothe; reflective particles add to the skin a beautiful glow.
All products used are free of microplastic, paraben, mineral oils, silicone, gluten and lactose, and contain no synthetic fragrances.

Especially intensive anti-aging treatment, which quickens the production of collagen and increases skins ability to keep in the moisture, smooths wrinkles and makes the skin youthful. Doctor Babor hyaluronic infusion, including three different sizes of molecules, moisturizes the skin efficiently and removes the wrinkles caused by dryness. Especial collagen biomatrix fleece mask activates the production of collagen, tautens and smooths the skin.

Advanced cosmeceutical treatments to detoxify, refine, repair and lift the skin for a younger-looking completion (by) targeting the following challenges:
– repairing skin and pre/post op;
– lack of facial contour and density;
– dull, tired and thick skin.
The efficient cosmeceutical DOCTOR BABOR firming, restoring and calming expert-formulated skin therapy. An ideal procedure for fatigued and irritated skin types that display loss of elasticity; it is also an excellent remedy against intense exposure to negative sun impact. The treatment involves the use of effective formulas of the Repair and Lifting collections, combined with the new fabric foil mask, which intensifies absorption of active ingredients and causes a thermal effect, which in turn improves microcirculation and supplies skin with nutrients and hyaluronic acid. The treatment produces a clear and even complexion, firm facial contours, reduced wrinkle depth and youthful appearance.

AHA peeling products are intended for chemical peeling, and their main active ingredients are natural alpha hydroxy acids (AHAs), such as lactic acid, tartaric acid, citric acid, malic acid, glycolic acid. The range includes 10%, 20% and 30% fruit acid options. During the first treatment session, the peeling is always carried out with the use of the 10% product.
The highly efficient TheraPRO AHA peeling treatments that do not cause the skin to experience unnecessary stress, and that trigger the general intense skin regeneration process. The immediate objective of the treatment is removal of dead skin cells from the cell tissue, removal of cornified tissues, in particular, opening of cornified follicles, improving sebum flow; removal of dirt particles from the skin; boosting skin’s absorption capacity; smoothing the skin surface. The skin is smoother, fresher-looking and brighter.
Within 2 to 3 weeks after the treatment, it is possible to notice the process of generation of the new, more compact horny layer with better cell adhesion, with improved skin’s moisture binding ability and faster skin cell regeneration.

The DOCTOR BABOR PRO TheraPRO PEP facial treatment feels like a skin care expert with every touch and move, which are made with highly concentrated professional skills, and offer clients a unique beauty experience. The treatment is focussed on levelling fine lines and wrinkles and lifting; improving firmness of the skin.
To obtain the best results, it combines the highly efficient BABOR skin cleansing and AHA skin peeling procedure, with by the powerful anti-ageing facial serum with signal peptides that release micro-stresses in the skin tissues, and the special Lifting Touch massage with the use of the firming face cream. The treatment procedure is finished off by applying the anti-ageing eye cream, and the special Lift Effect fabric mask that activates the skin’s own healing and regenerating properties, reducing skin furrows and fine lines, and smoothing and levelling skin structure.
The result – visibly smoother and firmer skin with youthful and bright glow.

The TheraPRO facial treatment with ceramides is intended for stressed facial skin in need of regeneration, e.g., following a course of the AHA fruit acid peeling or microdermabrasion procedure. The objective of the treatment is stabilisation of the skin’s protective barrier, and producing a healthy looking and smooth skin. Ceramides improve the skin’s natural protections against external stress factors, and protect the skin against redness and irritation; they smooth the skin’s surface, reduce the sense of tension, and produce a balanced, clear and healthy-looking complexion.

The facial treatment with TheraPRO Vitamin C is suited for all demanding skin types that show signs of ageing: wrinkling, loss of tonicity and elasticity. This treatment is also an excellent cure for fatigued and dull complexion and uneven skin tone.
The purpose of the treatment is to improve tonicity and elasticity of the skin, to reduce wrinkles, to protect against oxidative damages, and to create a more even and fresh complexion, and smooth and firm skin.
The TheraPRO AHA fruit acid peeling agent removes dead skin cells, improves the skin’s absorptive capacity and smoothens the surface of the skin; vitamin C improves tonicity and elasticity of the skin, reduces furrows and fine lines, protects against ageing caused by environmental factors, evens the skin tone and gives it a vibrant fresh and smooth appearance.
An efficient facial treatment that is suited both for skin in need of regeneration, as well as for skin with visible signs of ageing.
A special concentrate containing the EGF growth factor activates the skin’s own remedying and rejuvenating properties; smoothens, evens and restores skin structure; reduces furrows and wrinkles; strengthens tissues and improves skin elasticity, and produces youthful and firm skin. The cream mask containing the EGF growth factor improves blood circulation and metabolism of the skin, and promotes skin regeneration; it improves the ability of the skin to absorb skin care products used subsequently, and produces visibly rosy and lively complexion. The unique Lift Effect fabric mask activates the skin’s own healing and regenerating properties; reduces skin furrows and fine lines, and smoothens and evens skin structure.
By the end of the treatment the skin looks visibly smoother, firmer and more youthful.

The BABOR HSR Lifting treatment smoothens, fills and firms the skin and fights effectively any types of wrinkles. Highly effective ingredients, special masks, and the exclusive BABOR Lifting Touch facial massage immediately produce smoother skin and tighter facial contours.

The most precious thing about life is life itself. However, our modern lifestyle is often characterised by stress, multitasking and fast pace. Our skin reacts to this way of life by ageing, which is often called Lifestyle Ageing: the skin looks pale, fatigued and wrinkled. The premium class PRECIOUS COLLECTION treatment ampoules Rose Gold Energy, Platinum Lift and Gold Volume provide a combination of efficient active ingredients that give the skin the vital energy boost, immediately smoothening and firming the skin, and combat the effects of this modern lifestyle. This pampering luxurious treatment combines comprehensive skin peeling, with an anti-ageing mask, efficient massage and, naturally, one of the three luxurious beauty ampoules of the Precious collection at the client’s choice – Rose Gold Energy to improve vitality of the skin; Gold Volume to smoothen and moisturise it, and Platinum Lift to produce an immediate lift effect. Find your own favourite!
The best facial treatment to preserve timeless beauty! This treatment gives the skin unique glow and clear complexion, while boosting cell renewal process. The exclusive technology behind the Reversive products slows down the aging processes in the skin, and gives it a perfect, unblemished youthful appearance. The special Pro Youth complex that combines telovitin, rejuvenating peptide complex, alba rose stem cell extract and epocyl is used to preserve youthful radiance of the skin, reduce depth of fine lines and smooth the skin for an even and bright complexion.
Babor SeaCreation facial treatment takes you on a journey into the mysterious depths of the deep sea! The fusion of active particles from the depths of the sea will deliver a result which is visibly rejuvenated skin and a complexion that is radiant like a deep sea treasure! This wonderful treatment reflecting the ocean’s cold and warm currents improves the skins microcirculation as well as makes it feel absolutely heavenly.

Special Massage techniques are used to maximize the skin’s ability to absorb active nutrients.

The treatment begins with a welcoming massage on the shoulders and neck, hands and feet to ensure maximum relaxation and forget everyday stress. This is followed by Hy-Oil cleaning oil and phytoactive solution; skin metabolism stimulating and cellular active ingredients mask to help to fully absorb the BABOR SeaCreation care products. The skin is exfoliated with a special Peeling Liquid fluid which removes dead skin cells without mechanically irritating the skin. The next phase is the skin cleansing clay mask while hands are refreshed with Hy-Ol cleansing oil and Foam Cleanser. SeaCreation Serum is then applied to the face skin as well as SeaCreation Eye Cream with special massage techniques which effectively stimulates both eyes and lips – resulting in instantly reduced mimic wrinkles. The Lifting Touch facial massage intensively stimulates your skin and muscle tissue leaving the skin soft and silky smooth. SeaCreation The Cream Rich is massaged into the skin with extreme care Next the beautician applies the SeaCreation chilled mask and then a special SeaCreation fabric mask resulting in a powerful rejuvenating combination of hot and cold! Thanks to the special composition of the mask it helps to deliver the active substances deep into the skin and keep them there. After removing the mask, the skin is obviously and wonderfully more youthful, brighter and smoother.


Our experienced masseuse from Thailand combines massage techniques depending on the needs and current condition of your body.
Using global massage techniques, muscular tensions are relieved, energy and vitality recovered.

This world famous massage begins with a warm compress for cleaning the feet.

Thai massage focuses on the tense areas of the soles of the feet, legs and thighs to help to release stress and fully relax.The soles of the feet are massaged with special reflexology sticks. The final part of the treatment then focuses on releasing tension in the neck and shoulder area.

High quality BABOR massage oils and body cream are used for massage to make you feel heavenly and spoiled. Your feet will feel thoroughly moisturized and wonderfully light and relaxed!


A special body treatment ensuring firm skin and promoting reduction of cellulite by supporting and amplifying fat burning and metabolism.
The treatment starts with a thorough skin peeling procedure to ensure better absorption of active ingredients. After that, legs, buttocks and waist are wrapped into wraps impregnated with special active ingredients. The wrap is followed by massage treatment amplifying fat burning with the use of Dr. Babor anti-cellulite lotion.

For the best results, it is advised to enjoy the body wrap as a 5-session course. The price of a course is 315€, which means that you save 10%.


Only special Babor brand depilatsion system (waxes and all skin products) are used in Babor Beauty Spa Tallinn depilatsion procedures.

Legs 15 min 30 €
Thighs 15 min 30 €
Full legs 30 min 40 €
Arms 15 min 25 €
Under arm 15 min 15 €
Upper lip 15 min 10 €

Looking for perfect make-up for special event? Babor Beauty Spa Tallinn in cooperation with two Estonian star make-up artist LOORE HÄRMAT offers high quality make-up service. Only luxurious BABOR brand anti-aging make-up products are used, which guarantee perfect make-up, as well as effective skincare. Reservation is needed.

Booking: info@babortallinn.ee / +372 5680 5550
Price: 59 €

Only Babor brand chemical brow and lash tint with special activator is used in our brow and lash procedures. Results are especially beautiful and long lasting.

Eyebrow tidy 15 min 15 €
Eyebrow tint 15 min 15 €
Tint for lashes 15 min 15 €
Tint for eyebrows and lashes 20 min 25 €
Eyebrow tidy and tint 20 min 25 €
Eyebrow tidy, tint and tint for lashes 30 min 35 €