The most precious thing about life is life itself. However, our modern lifestyle is often characterised by stress, multitasking and fast pace. Our skin reacts to this way of life by ageing, which is often called Lifestyle Ageing: the skin looks pale, fatigued and wrinkled. The premium class PRECIOUS COLLECTION treatment ampoules Rose Gold Energy, Platinum Lift and Gold Volume provide a combination of efficient active ingredients that give the skin the vital energy boost, immediately smoothening and firming the skin, and combat the effects of this modern lifestyle. This pampering luxurious treatment combines comprehensive skin peeling, with an anti-ageing mask, efficient massage and, naturally, one of the three luxurious beauty ampoules of the Precious collection at the client’s choice – Rose Gold Energy to improve vitality of the skin; Gold Volume to smoothen and moisturise it, and Platinum Lift to produce an immediate lift effect. Find your own favourite!