€ 190 2 hours



Babor SeaCreation facial treatment takes you on a journey into the mysterious depths of the deep sea! The fusion of active particles from the depths of the sea will deliver a result which is visibly rejuvenated skin and a complexion that is radiant like a deep sea treasure! This wonderful treatment reflecting the ocean’s cold and warm currents improves the skins microcirculation as well as makes it feel absolutely heavenly.

Special Massage techniques are used to maximize the skin’s ability to absorb active nutrients.

The treatment begins with a welcoming massage on the shoulders and neck, hands and feet to ensure maximum relaxation and forget everyday stress. This is followed by Hy-Oil cleaning oil and phytoactive solution; skin metabolism stimulating and cellular active ingredients mask to help to fully absorb the BABOR SeaCreation care products. The skin is exfoliated with a special Peeling Liquid fluid which removes dead skin cells without mechanically irritating the skin. The next phase is the skin cleansing clay mask while hands are refreshed with Hy-Ol cleansing oil and Foam Cleanser. SeaCreation Serum is then applied to the face skin as well as SeaCreation Eye Cream with special massage techniques which effectively stimulates both eyes and lips – resulting in instantly reduced mimic wrinkles. The Lifting Touch facial massage intensively stimulates your skin and muscle tissue leaving the skin soft and silky smooth. SeaCreation The Cream Rich is massaged into the skin with extreme care Next the beautician applies the SeaCreation chilled mask and then a special SeaCreation fabric mask resulting in a powerful rejuvenating combination of hot and cold! Thanks to the special composition of the mask it helps to deliver the active substances deep into the skin and keep them there. After removing the mask, the skin is obviously and wonderfully more youthful, brighter and smoother.


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